GBS stands for:

  • Game Boy sound, the sound format of the Nintendo Game Boy
  • Full day education and care, concept of school-age childcare in Hamburg
  • Generic Bus Services, basic function of a scope BITBUS slaves ( Title from the IEEE1118 )
  • Guillain -Barre syndrome, a disease of the nerve roots of the spinal cord
  • Georg- Büchner -Schule ( Darmstadt)
  • Georg- Büchner -Schule ( Rodgau )
  • Overall bank management
  • Society for Endangered Languages ​​, Association for the promotion of endangered languages
  • Giordano Bruno Foundation, a foundation that promotes the evolutionary humanism
  • Global Broadcast System, communications component of the UFO Block 3 satellites of the U.S. Navy, see UFO (satellite)
  • Google Book Search, a search engine for information in books
  • Great Big Sea, a Canadian band
  • Grevener cotton mill in Greven, now a cultural center GBS
  • Great Berlin tram, the formerly most important Berlin tram company
  • Grundig Business Systems, a manufacturer of voice recorders
  • Group B streptococci
  • Guinea- Bissau, after the country code of the International Olympic Committee
  • Guerbetal -Bern - Schwarzburg -Bahn, a former private railway in the canton of Bern
  • Gutenberg School
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