GD- ROM ( Giga Disc Read Only Memory) is a proprietary optical storage medium for the game console Sega Dreamcast.

It is similar to the CD-ROM, and differs in that the pits are located closer to each other by this. Thus, a higher storage capacity of 1.2 GB was made possible - almost double that of a normal CD -ROM. In addition to its main use ( the Dreamcast ), the medium was also used for various arcade systems used ( Naomi, Chihiro and Triforce ). In addition to the storage capacity Sega increased with the new medium and the copy security because the GD -ROM can not be read by CD or DVD hardware.

A GD- ROM consists of two data fields and a separation region. The internal data area contains a Yellow Book CD -ROM track and a Red Book CDDA track. This area can be read by any CD drive. The second, external data area contains the actual game files. This area can not be read from a CD or DVD drive. Is the narrow separation region, the SEGA Enterprises LTD Trademark Sega, but contains no data the lettering Produced by or under license from between the two data areas.

The format was developed by Yamaha for Sega.


  • Dreamcast Programming - GD- ROM ( English)

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