Gdańsk Agreement

The August agreement, agreements were concluded between the strike committee and the Government of the People's Republic of Poland in the summer of 1980. Often the term is used Gdansk agreement, it is the agreement between the Gdansk strike committee and representatives of the then Polish government. It is the agreement most closely followed by the public and is part of a series of agreements that were signed in late August and early September 1980 and led to the end of the August strikes in Poland. It was the first agreement in which a Communist government legalized the opposition. These agreements have obtained quasi- constitutional status in Poland.

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The agreement

  • On August 30, 1980, the agreement in Szczecin by Marian Jurczyk and Kazimierz Barcikowski was signed as a representative of the government.
  • On 31 August 1980, the agreement between the Danzig -employer strike committee of Lech Wałęsa and the then Vice Prime Minister Mieczyslaw Jagielski was signed at the Lenin Shipyard.
  • On 3 September 1980, the agreement in Jastrzębie -Zdrój Jarosław Sienkiewicz and Aleksander Kopeć was signed as a representative of the government.
  • On September 11, the agreement in the Huta Katowice was signed in Dąbrowa Górnicza by Zbigniew Kupisiewicz and Franciszek Kaim as representative of the government.

The 21 demands

The agreement consisted of 21 points. It was agreed the formation of independent trade unions, it subsequently emerged Solidarność. Furthermore, were adopted: the establishment of a memorial to the victims of the uprising of 1970, wage increases, a better supply of food, the publication of the Helsinki Final Act, no reprisals against the participants of the strike, the abolition of censorship and the publication of the agreement in the media. The agreement of Gdańsk is the World Soundtrack Awards.

The agreements, which were signed in Szczecin and Jastrzębie -Zdrój were, for the most part identical to the Gdansk, but also contained some discrepancies. Thus spoke only of self-managed unions is spoken as opposed to Gdansk agreement, there is of independent, autonomous unions in the agreement of Stettin. The main difference between the Danzig and the Agreement of Jastrzębie -Zdrój was that a 5 -day week, the abolition of the four -layer system, and a reduction in the retirement age has been agreed for the miners.