GDS is an abbreviation for:

  • GDS - International Shoe Fair, an International Shoe Fair in Dusseldorf
  • Abbreviation for the GDSII data format, the standard for CAD data in the EDA area
  • Community for German Students History eV, a historic association that deals with the history and current problems of college students, students (especially students' associations ) and academic organizations
  • Geomagnetic Deep Sounding, a method for the measurement of field components, see magnetotelluric
  • Geriatric Depression Scale, also referred to as depression test by Yesavage, a mid-1980s by JA Yesavage developed internationally and widely used assessment instrument
  • German Dharmaduta Society, a Buddhist society in Germany
  • Switched circuit duration, for example, If the staircase lighting is switched so that it automatically goes out after 2 minutes
  • Can capture, process and book Global Distribution System, see computer reservation system, a medium query with the travel agencies information and vacancies as well as customer data and services
  • Google Desktop Search, was a desktop search program of the company, Google Inc., which made it possible to search for files, emails, chat logs, etc. on your own computer
  • Gottlieb -Daimler -Schule ( Sindelfingen ), two public vocational schools in the Technical School Centre in Sindelfingen; the Gottlieb -Daimler -Schule 1 and the Gottlieb -Daimler- Schule 2
  • Gottlieb -Daimler-Stadion (1993-2008), since 9/2008 Mercedes -Benz Arena, a football stadium in the Neckar Park in Stuttgart's Bad Cannstatt
  • Large German Language Diploma
  • GdS is an abbreviation for:
  • Union of Social Security, organized workers in the fields of social security ( health insurance, pension insurance, statutory accident insurance and unemployment insurance )
  • Degree of damage consequences, a legal term from the social compensation law, which has replaced the concept of loss of earning capacity ( over) since 2007
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