The GE AC4400CW is a series of diesel-electric locomotives, 6-axis of the U.S. locomotive manufacturer General Electric ( GE). A total of 2,598 machines in this series were produced. Thus, the AC4400CW is one of the most built locomotives in the world.


The AC4400CW is a further development of the GE Dash 9- 44CW series and largely identical to this one. The most striking difference of the vehicles for Dash 9 is the additional housing on the left side of the vehicle in which the inverter are housed. The main difference between a GE Dash 9- 44CW and a AC4400CW is the AC drive technology.


As the type designation AC4400CW describes, it is in this machine is a diesel locomotive with diesel-electric drive in an AC version (English alternating current, AC) with 4,400 hp = 3.280 kW. The diesel engine drives a three-phase synchronous generator in this case on which supplies the three-phase asynchronous motors with power. The traction motors are individually controlled by an inverter. The machines run on three axle bogies ( CC wheel arrangement, American designation CC ) and large (English widebody ) cab. For those in bold ingredients to the series designation is composed. The machine by a 16 - cylinder diesel engine 7FDL -16 Series are powered.

First order (as of 1996)