GE C30-7

The C30 -7 series is a six-axle diesel locomotive manufacturer GE Transportation Systems. It was built between 1977 and 1983 as a successor to the GE U30C for American railway companies. The series is part of the product series GE Dash 7 of the manufacturer. She was the direct competitor to the EMD SD40.

  • 3.1 Application in Australia
  • 3.2 Application in Estonia


C30 -7A

50 copies of the basic version were sold as C30 -7A at Corail. This had taken the 16- cylinder engine, a 12- cylinder engine. He brought the same performance, but consumed less fuel. From the outside, this is evident by 6 each instead of the normal eight doors on the sides of locomotive. The C30 -7A was made in May and June 1984.

C30 7ai

This variant was a preparation of the C30 -7A version for resale to the Estonian railway company EVR ( Eesti Raudtee ).


Service history

Use in Australia

The Australian Railway Company Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia 2001 bought twelve former Conrail C30 -7A locomotives. Their chassis were used 442 locomotives to the renewal of New South Wales class, from which then the GL class was. These vehicles are in use in Australia since 2003.

Use in Estonia

2003 19 locomotives of the C30 -7A variant of Corail were renovated and sold to Estonia under the model designation C30 - 7AI. There you were employed by the (then private ) railway company EVR ( Eesti Raudtee ). The locomotives were part of the class in 1500 with numbers from 1558 to 1576. ).