GE Dash 9 Series

The General Electric Dash 9 is a series of diesel-electric locomotives, 6-axis of the U.S. locomotive manufacturer General Electric ( GE). From this series several variants were offered. These differ mainly in the engine performance. The model is produced first in 1993 was the Dash 9-44 CW with 3280 kW ( 4400 hp SAE ), the strongest of his time, manufactured by GE freight train locomotive. The Dash 9- P42DC was built from 1996 locomotive with 3132 kW ( 4200 hp) for passenger trains. Furthermore, were delivered to the Norfolk Southern Railway less powerful locomotives as Dash 9- 40CW. In addition, GE offered from 1994 to a variant of the Dash 9 with traction motors in AC version. These machines are called GE AC4400CW.


The driving of vehicles are diesel-electric. In this case, the diesel engine drives a three-phase synchronous generator, which generates the energy for the electric traction motors. First, the generated AC voltage is rectified, however, because it is DC series wound motors for driving engines of this series. The machines are equipped with an electric resistance brake. Here, the kinetic energy is converted by the traction motors in electric energy and this is then converted via braking resistors heat. This causes the brake wear could be reduced because the dynamic brake operates largely wear-free.

Area of ​​application

The locomotives of the Dash 9 series are of almost every major North American Railway Companies, for example, on BNSF, CSX, Canadian National Railway and the Union Pacific Railroad used. The model Dash 9- P42DC is a widely used at the Amtrak passenger engine.