GEA Refrigeration Technologies

GEA Refrigeration Technologies GmbH, headquartered in Bochum, is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment. The company is a subsidiary of GEA Group. Its product portfolio includes, inter alia, Reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, chillers ( chillers ), tunnel freezers and chillers (cardboard and spiral ), industrial ice machines, valves, fittings, and dryer vent.

The company mainly supplies the industrial sectors: food and beverage, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, fishing vessels, natural gas liquefaction, transportation (truck, bus and train ), supermarkets, leisure centers, zoos.

Origin and history

The foundation stone for the GEA Refrigeration Technologies put Willem Grasso 1858, his forge Willem Grasso Stoomsmederij in 's- Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. There he manufactured first steam machines and tools, later steam hammers and butter churns. His son Henri took over the company in 1894. The invention of margarine in 1896 gave the company a success thrust and made it known for its special margarine machines. That same year, Grasso founded a separate division for refrigeration. The Second World War had the work greatly affected, so that Grasso had to stop the production of margarine machines. After the war, Grasso focused on refrigeration. The company is part of the GEA Group since 1991. Step by step supplemented it with several acquisitions of its range: 1993 bought GEA Refrigeration Technologies GEA Grenco, a manufacturer of cooling technology for the food and marine industries, a year later the compressor specialists Kühlautomat Berlin GmbH ( KAB, formerly VEB Kühlautomat Berlin). 1995, joined the Italian compressor manufacturer GEA Refrigeration Italy SpA to do so. In 2004, GEA Refrigeration Technologies Goedhart Holding BV, a Dutch manufacturer of air coolers and cooling coils. In 1999, the production company for piston and screw compressor liquid chillers ILKA MAFA Kältemaschinenbau GmbH Member of the GEA Group was. In the following years up to the group restructuring of GEA Group in January 2009, the Company acquired the present-day specialists for industrial refrigeration FES, Inc. ( now GEA FES, Inc.), USA;. Morris & Young Ltd, London, UK; the German valve manufacturer AWP ( now GEA AWP GmbH) and the Canadian manufacturer of freezing equipment for food industry Aerofreeze ( now GEA Aerofreeze ). Furthermore, since 2009 the Eurotek ( Eurotek Engineering Ltd today ), Great Britain, and Intec ( now GEA Intec ) part of the GEA Group. Since the restructuring of the GEA Group GEA Refrigeration Technologies is the one of today, six segments of the Group. In the course of Goedhart moved to the segment GEA Heat Exchangers. In 2010, GEA Refrigeration Technologies acquired the Bock refrigerating machines GmbH ( now GEA Bock GmbH ), Frickenhausen. With the purchase of advanced GEA Refrigeration 's portfolio of piston and screw compressors in small and medium power range. To extend the freezer spectrum acquired GEA Refrigeration Technologies in 2011 the conveyor belt specialist QPM Manufacturing, Bellevue, Washington, USA. QPM produces steel conveyors for the transport of food products in ovens and freezers.

The main brands of GEA Refrigeration Technologies

  • Aerofreeze
  • AWP
  • Buck
  • Eurotek
  • FES
  • Geneglace
  • Grasso
  • Grenco
  • Intec
  • Matal
  • Techno Frigo