Gehofen is a municipality in Kyffhauserkreis. It belongs to the administrative community resources center Artern.

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The community Gehofen in the north of Thuringia is located in the southern tip of the Golden Meadows, about two kilometers west of the Unstrut at the foot of the High -cricket.

The surroundings of Gehofen offers with its forests an extensive biodiversity of plants and animals. In addition to the Finn especially the High -cricket is known - a ridge south of Gehofen explains the greater part of the conservation area and as part of the Fauna- Flora-Habitat area - has been reported, " High -cricket fin " to the European Commission.


Probably as Franconian establishment around the year 600, Gehofen was first mentioned in 782 as Hovun.

At the beginning of the 9th century Gehofen was first mentioned in a list of exhibits of the building built by the Archbishop of Mainz Lull Hersfeld Monastery as Hofun.

There was an eponymous knights of Gehofen from the 13th century until the license expires in 1711.

Population Development

Development of the population (31 December):

  • 2005: 781
  • 2010: 699


Distribution of seats in the municipal council ( 8 members, elections 2009):

  • CDU: 5
  • Sports club: 3


The community is located at the decommissioned since 2006 Unstrut railway that linked the cities of Naumburg and Artern. In addition, the highway of Reinsdorf at Artern passes by Wiehe the community. About 15 kilometers from Gehofen runs north federal highway 38

Culture and sights


  • The Protestant Church of St. Johann Baptist is a stately, neo-Gothic hall church with recessed choir polygon and slender, octagonal west tower. It was probably after a design by Ludwig Persius built 1866-68 in place of a previous medieval building. The veneer is made from sandstone blocks, the equipment from the building time. Note is a consuming skulpierter font from the early 17th century, whose six-sided foot Luther, Paul and the evangelists shows.
  • War Memorial ( built in 1924 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Veterans' Association at the church )
  • Brickyard ( probably built in 1840, in its current form since 1886)


  • Fire Department Gehofen e.V.
  • Friends eV d Church of St. John Baptist to Gehofen
  • Poultry club Gehofen e.V.
  • Youth Club Gehofen 1999 e.V.
  • Carnival Association Gehofen White-Blue e.V.
  • Kleingartenverein For recreation Gehofen e.V.
  • Shintai Do - Gehofen e.V.
  • SV Fortuna Gehofen e.V.
  • Association for breed rabbits Gehofen 1969 e.V.

Regular events

  • Sports Festival (late June )
  • Breed Rabbit Show ( early July)
  • Fair ( every 4th weekend in October)
  • Christmas market ( early December )


  • Ernst Albrecht von Eberstein (1605-1676), military commander in the Thirty Years' War
  • Christian Ludwig von Eberstein (1650-1717), superintendent in Harzgerode, chief mining, Obrist sergeant and chief forester
  • Hermann Kellermann (1887-1954), party official (SPD / USPD / KPD / SED) and participants in the November Revolution