Gelmerbahn funicular

The Gelmerbahn is a Swiss funicular with a maximum gradient of 106 percent. Legally, it is in inclined elevators in Switzerland by funiculars, which is why it is referred to by the operator as steepest funicular railway in Europe.


The ride in an open car leads from Handegg ( 1,400 m above sea level. M. ) in the Haslital, between Innertkirchen and the Grimsel Pass, up to Gelmersee ( 1,850 m above sea level. M. ), a reservoir of power plants Oberhasli. Public tours take place from June to October.


The industrial railway was built for the construction of Gelmerstaumauer and the water supply line to the power plant Handeck 1926 and took their operation. In 2001, it had to be totally replaced and the power plants Oberhasli AG ( KWO) decided to additionally equip the Gelmerbahn for public use. Initially could be transported per trip only eight people, this is because the web had only a cantonal operating license. Due to the large crowds, it was decided to apply for a federal license, and may since 2004 - after minor technical adjustments - the full capacity can be used.


Adjacent inclined lifts

Handegg - Water Castle Handeggfluh Ärlen

1948 not approved for public transport inclined elevator between Handegg ( 1,414 m above sea level. M. ) and the moated castle Handeggfluh Ärlen ( 1,680 m above sea level. M. ) was put into operation on the opposite side of the valley. At 867 meters in length, it overcomes a height difference of 266 m.

Handegg Sagiplatz - Handegg Gelmerbahn

Between 1926 and 1994 there was a now fully back -built, 260 m long inclined plane between the Sagiplatz and the valley station of Gelmerbahn.