Gelnica ( Göllnitz German, Hungarian Gölnicbánya - older even Göllnicbánya ) is a small town in eastern Slovakia in the Spis region. It gives the district Gelnica the name and is also the administrative headquarters.


The city has no official neighborhoods, however, are Turzov / Turzovské kúpele ( German Thurzobad ) and Huta Mária ( German Marienhütte ) and ( Slovenské ) Cechy ( German mines ) for the urban area.


The city is an old settlement area ( Stone Age, Bronze Age ). The German name is derived from the Slavic name of the river " Gnilec " ( Hnilec ), the current Slovak name comes from a German name. The Hungarian name is Gölnicbánya, which refers to the mining industry.

Your town received city rights from 1238 to 1269. The original Slovak settlement was significantly expanded after the Mongol invasion of 1241 by German settlers from Bavaria and Thuringia in 1264 and received its most important city rights ( elevation to the mountain city). The city charter of 1264 has not been preserved, only their confirmation of 1276, in which the city is known as " Gelnic " first mentioned and described as a well-developed royal city. In 1435 the town was elevated to a free royal mining town.

In the city of silver, copper, mercury, lead and iron ore was promoted. Later, the place was for many years the capital of the seven so-called Heptapolitana - mining towns ( in the southern Zips and south of it ). This differed from the cities of Nordzips that they were settled not by Saxons but by other Germans.

With the end of the 15th century occurring decline in 1527 to a progressive loss of privileges was connected. In the 18th century saw a recovery a ( iron ore ), which was associated with the regaining of privileges (1844 ).

1892 here the first power plant (then Upper Hungary ) taken on the territory of Slovakia in operation.


The town has a medieval castle ( Castle Göllnitzer, 1685 finally destroyed by fire ), a Baroque style, originally Gothic church, mining museum and a baroque remodeled Renaissance town hall.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Gusztáv Gratz (1875-1946), Hungarian politician
  • Ladislav Ščurko (* 1986), Slovak ice hockey player
  • Michal Sersen (* 1985), Slovak ice hockey player