Gemini 1

The Gemini - Titan mission 1 (GT -1) was an unmanned launch of the first produced Gemini spacecraft with a titanium launcher on April 8, 1964 at 11:00 clock EST By Cape Canaveral.

The mission objective was the structural testing of the Gemini spacecraft in Earth orbit to be achieved. In this case the spacecraft is not separated from the second stage of the titanium - rocket. Both reached as a unit after six minutes from the predicted orbit. Only the first three times around the world were mission component and reached after four hours and fifty- minutes for the overflight of Cape Canaveral. Nevertheless, pursued the Goddard Space Flight Center every 64 orbits until the spacecraft burned up over the South Atlantic on 12 April in the Earth's atmosphere.

The flight showed that the spacecraft was suitable for a space flight and all systems functioned satisfactorily.