General Logistics Systems

The company General Logistics Systems, B. V. (GLS ) is a holding company based in Amsterdam, in which the British government by Royal Mail summarizing their business activities in the Continental European logistics market. These include 18 European subsidiaries with approximately 14,000 employees.

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The German subsidiary of GLS Germany with headquarters in the Hessian New stone has its origin in German Parcel, which was founded in 1989 by 25 medium-sized shipping. The name change to GLS Germany took place in 2002, after German Parcel was purchased by the Royal Mail. By around 5000 GLS Parcel Shop, the company has a network of collection points for private parcel shipments. Europe GLS operates with its own subsidiaries and affiliates in 36 states.

According to the study "The Top 100 Logistics ' 2006 GLS Germany is based on the conversion today behind the Deutsche Post and UPS 's third largest package shipper Germany. The management of GLS Germany have currently (2009) R. Back ( Chairman), K.-D. Conrad and R. Schmahl.


GLS offers a service appointment on weekdays at 8 clock, 9 clock, 10 clock or 12 clock and Saturday Delivery by 10 clock or 12 clock. This date shipments are shipped by GLS not itself, but by " The Courier ". However, there are limitations for certain zip codes for the earliest possible date delivery. In addition, the delivery of packages is offered directly to the work of the recipient.

For business customers beside the cash - Delivery ( COD ) is offered among other things the "Exchange Service". Here the receiver, a new unit will be sent, at the same time provided in the delivery of the defective old unit in the packaging and transported by GLS back to the sender.

GLS takes normally the first delivery attempt the direct recipient. Also a member of the household may take the shipment. Alternatively GLS asks a neighbor, whether this takes the Sendegut for the addressee receive. Is there no way to accept the parcel in the neighborhood, GLS brings it in the next GLS Parcel Shop - if one is nearby. There, the package is ready for nine working days for collection. If no package delivery possible - not even the neighbors or parcel office - goes back into the program GLS depot ( distribution center). Typically, a new delivery attempt is made ​​on the following day of GLS, as well as consultation with the recipient about any stored phone numbers on the shipping label.


In 1989, the founding of the German Parcel. This year, 25 trucking companies included in the composite Germany " German Parcel" together to Germany far to offer their service. In the first year of the composite could carry 2 million packages. The process used to be more than 30 depots, which were in the former West Germany, and the newly built central hub ( LEP ) in the Hessian New stone. Here is today the seat of Germany headquarters.

In 1990, the company grew in the new federal states and transported in the second year 12 million shipments. A year later, the expansion went ahead towards Europe, France and Denmark were connected cooperative. Two regional hubs emerged in damp cheeks and Dortmund. After 1993, the delivery scanning was introduced, the package amount was 40 million shipments. 1995 originated in New stone the largest package sorting center in Europe. For the first time gave the company this year also to private customers. The international network General Parcel offers since the package shipping in the USA and Canada. The Hamburg Express Service Group THE COURIER a strategic alliance was agreed in 1996.

Retail banking and expansion

Since 11 June 1997, private customers can ship their packages. The packets are placed in a so-called Package Store, and can be tracked. In contrast to the German Post AG here, the maximum package weight of 40 kg within Germany ( German Post AG: 31,5 kg). In January 1999, the acquisition of German Parcel, the German parcel service provider and General Parcel partner, headquartered in New Stein / Hesse, by General Parcel ( subsidiary of Royal Mail Group) took place. THE COURIER months later was acquired, built up the German Express service provider and partner of German Parcel, headquartered in New stone, as well as the General Parcel Hungary, the Hungarian parcel and General Parcel partner. In October, the General Logistics Systems BV (GLS ) founded with headquarters in Amsterdam. Rico Back took over, in addition to his position as CEO of German Parcel, the role of Chief Executive Officer ( CEO). Through its subsidiaries, is the GLS main shareholder, founded in 1992 European General Parcel cooperation network. With the establishment of the GLS a strategic basis for all business activities in the European parcel market should be created.

In 2000, German Parcel, and with effect from August 1, divested of Dachser business in the DPD packet network. This German Parcel has a total of six DPD locations. On 1 October 2002, the GLS introduced the single European GLS brand (GLS = General Logistics Systems ). Since 1 August 2007, the company operates in Romania Romania GLS.

Sales of the GLS Group has increased in fiscal year 2008/2009 by 2.4 percent to 1.8 billion euros, the number of transported packages has risen to 350 million. In comparison, the company benefited in the whole period - April 2008 to March 2009 - the positive conditions of the first half of the year. In contrast, were recorded as a result of the global economic crisis in the second half, both in prices and in the quantities substantial cuts. The negative impact on the operating result ( EBIT), which declined by 7.5 percent to 149 million euros.


Proceedings for false self-

In 2003, the Hessian State Social Court German Parcel Service sentenced to pay 110,000 euros social security contributions for one of their deliverer. The court reasoned that, among other things, that the deliverer paint his car with the logo of the company and had to wear " image clothing " of GLS in its activities. His day and workflow is completely GLS, as an employer, have been before and through structured. Furthermore, was not given to 12 - hour day a leeway for a 10.

Data loss in 2008

On a data transport for Landesbank Berlin, the GLS 2008 conducted on behalf of Atos Origin, credit card details were stolen by 130,000 customers in the form of microfiche, which landed at the Frankfurter Rundschau on 12 December 2008. As announced on 19 December 2008, two couriers were responsible, who wanted so cover up the theft of a Christmas Stollen. They had stolen and eaten the Christmas cake from a packet to the editor of the Frankfurter Rundschau. Then they took one of six addressed to LBB packets with the data and pasted it the label of the opened package with the Christmas cake, which was thus delivered to the Frankfurter Rundschau instead of the actual packet.

Wallraff - report 2012

The journalist Günter Wallraff published after several months of research and activities at various locations GLS in May 2012 a report for RTL and the Time magazine, in which he raises serious allegations against the company. So GLS committing breaches of contract, contrary to labor laws, pursuing wage dumping and urge employees to a false self. Compared to the authorities which is obscured by manipulating information. Workers would have up to 14 hours per day and GLS pursuing "a form of modern slavery " and " Menschenschinderei with system ".


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