General Motors Egypt

General Motors Egypt S.A.E. (Arabic: جنرال موتورز مصر, or short- GME) is an automobile manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Maadi, Cairo. The car plant, however, is located in the 6th of October City. Instead as the name suggests, the company is not part of the GM group, but only a joint venture with the importer and car dealer Al- Monsour Automotive Company. This is also the largest shareholder, with more than 1,000 workers asked the owner and operator of the plant. The adjacent car plant is the Egyptian German Automotive Company.

After a successful eight years of cooperation with the U.S. General Motors, the dealer decided to deepen this and submitted a proposal to build a production plant in Egypt. The company was founded in the same year. The factory internal opening took place the following year. At the official opening of the plant in 1985, rolled the first cars of the company from the tape. The opening speech said President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. 1987 finally started production continued and was active at the beginning only as an automotive supplier. Were made ​​so only chassis for the Isuzu TF, which was then assembled and marketed by an assembly plant for the local market under the name Chevrolet T Series. Meanwhile, the production of the Chevrolet Mini ran in its own plant at bus. In 1993 this was replaced by the Opel Vectra. In the following year, however, then came the Opel Corsa as CKD - assembled import vehicle added to the model program.

In 1996 the hundred thousandth car left the factory halls. In the same year the company was also awarded by General Motors as the best manufacturer of Opel vehicles. The rationale for this decision was attributed to the production quality of the vehicles. The following year was even then a production capacity of 24,225 units to be achieved.

1998 was now followed by generation of two models. So the outdated Isuzu TF against the new Isuzu Rodeo and the Chevrolet T Series have been replaced with the new Chevrolet Frontera. Both models were identical. After 72 months of construction, the successful Vectra GME improved the quality of the model and hoped this would achieve some higher sales. For the exhibited billboards and TV commercials, because of attending the American University Annual Advertising Competition, the GME has been awarded the bronze medal. 1999 then came the certification of ISO 9002 to do so. The following year, then the Opel Astra as a CKD kit was included in the production. A short time later, the production of the two hundred thousandth vehicle was celebrated. In 2001, then GME received its second certification for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with ISO 14001. During the same year, the contract ran out with the Al - Monsour Automotive Company, which was then replaced by a new contract.

In 2002, the GME then the full production of the Opel Astra Sedan, the Opel Corsa Sedan and the Opel Vectra took on. As an import vehicles supplement since 2005, the Chevrolet Aveo and the Chevrolet Optra, the model program. Other new models, which were assembled at the factory, are the Chevrolet Crew Cab and the new identical Chevrolet T Series. The full production of the Aveo began in 2007. A year later, GME also began production of the Daewoo Lanos, which until then only from the Speranza engine was manufactured for the Egyptian market and is still there, still enjoys great demand.

In 2009, then started the production of the models Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet N200 and Chevrolet Captiva. When importing models, however, are new to the Chevrolet N Series, the Opel Astra and Opel Corsa.