General of the Infantry

General of Infantry refers to both an earlier rank in the former German land forces as well as the capacities of the responsible for certain issues of troop training and equipment of the infantry officer in the Bundeswehr.

Former rank in land forces

General of Infantry was a rank in the former German land forces ( Imperial Army, Reichswehr and Wehrmacht ) and in the Joint Army of Austria - Hungary ( 1908 ), in the German armies of the regular third-highest ranking general after Field Marshal and Colonel General. Cavalry officers were according to the general of the cavalry, artillery officers to General of Artillery promoted ( cf. General of the type of weapon ). In the army there was also still the equivalent Ranks General of Panzer troops, the Engineer General, General of the mountain troops and General of the corps. In the Air Force of the corresponding rank General der Flieger was loud. The service level was generally used only in the form of general, without specifying the origin branch of service of the wearer.

General of Infantry Bundeswehr

In the army the official position of General of Infantry designated the responsible for certain issues of troop training and equipment of the Infantry Officer in the rank of brigadier general. The service position General of the Infantry is connected with that of the commander of the Infantry School in mutton castle since 1995. Corresponding service positions also exist for the other branches of the army and the armed forces base. As this is a service position, sometimes called " the General " is a colonel respective branch of service (such as the " General of the Military Police force" of the case).

Current general of the infantry Brigadier Gert- Johannes Hagemann.

Armed forces of other countries

Besides the imperial army, there were also in the Russian armed forces until about 1918 the rank General of the Infantry ( original name ru: Генерал от инфантерии ).