General Services Administration

Susan F. Brita, Deputy Administrator

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA ) is an independent agency of the Federal Government of the United States to support and manage the various federal agencies. Its headquarters are in One Constitution Square. Washington, D.C.

The GSA was established on 1 July 1949 and has since provided the U.S. authorities with offices and office equipment, telecommunications equipment and transportation capacity. Administrative tasks include planning to minimize costs.

The Authority employs 11,742 employees (2008) with its own annual budget of 16 billion U.S. dollars, comes from the only 1% of the tax revenue. The annual call for proposals have a financial volume of 66 billion U.S. $ and are for managing federal property worth 500 billion U.S. $, which extends mainly to 8,600 owned and leased buildings. and a pool of 217,000 vehicles. Responsible for property Public Buildings Service manages, among other things, the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, the second largest building in U.S. federal property after the Pentagon.


The key departments are

  • Federal Acquisition Service ( FAS) - procurement
  • Public Buildings Service ( PBS)
  • Office of Government Wide Policy
  • Office of Small Business Utilization
  • Office of Citizen Services and Communications
  • Office of Civil Rights - Office for Civil Rights

The GSA maintains eleven regional offices in New England ( # 1 ), Northeast & Caribbean ( 2) Mid-Atlantic ( 3), Southeast Sunbelt (4) Great Lakes (5) Heartland (6 ), Greater Southwest ( 7), Rocky Mountains ( 8), Pacific Rim ( 9), Northwest / Arctic (10) and National Capital Region (11).

Outsourced was 1985, the National Archives and Records Administration.

On 31 May 2006, with Lurita Doan became the first woman head of authorities of that authority. The Authority is often seen in the U.S. as inefficient and corrupt. Thus, the authority in Las Vegas was, for example, a staff conference with 300 guests in October 2010 from about $ 820,000 for meals, entertainment and other amenities. This took place after the publication of a research report in April 2012 received widespread attention in the U.S. media landscape and was sharply criticized by both conservative and liberal commentators.


  • Martha N. Johnson, Administrator
  • Susan F. Brita, Deputy Administrator
  • Michael J. Robertson, Chief of Staff
  • Cathleen C. Kronopolus, Assistant Administrator
  • Stephen R. Leeds, Senior Counselor to the Administration
  • Anthony E. Costa, Associate Administrator
  • Steve Kempf, Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner ( acting )
  • Robert A. Peck, Public Buildings Service Commissioner
  • Brian D. Miller, Inspector General of the U.S. General Services Office