Genesis (Genesis album)


Genesis is the twelfth studio album of the same name British rock band Genesis and was released in October 1983. With this album the group finally managed a commercial breakthrough in Europe and the U.S., where Genesis ascended to superstar whose concerts filled stadiums. With That's All Mama and two very well-known and successful hit singles are also included on the album. Genesis took first place in the UK album charts.

The record cover was designed by the British designer and photographer Bill Smith. The yellow shapes derived from the Tupperware product "Shape O Toy Ball". This toy consists of a two-part hollow ball in their openings correspondingly shaped the molds can be eingeworfern.

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Even under the name Mama album known, the eponymous title is partly due to the fact that in Genesis, in contrast to previous albums no pieces are included more, were assigned as authors, the individual members, but all nine tracks on the album officially by have been all three band members worked together. In addition to successful hits album with the Suite Home by the Sea / Second Home by the Sea also contained an overly long title, which has some progressive elements and a long instrumental part. This suite is especially popular among the followers of the progressive rock era of the band in the 1970s and has long been an integral part in concerts. The first time since the release of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway ( 1974) brought the Genesis Session no "surplus" title out that as a single B-sides were about to be released, but only the songs contained on the album nine. From a short music fragment ( called a " bit" ), which was created at that time and was not further developed by the band, Mike Rutherford developed two years later, but the song A Call to Arms his band Mike & the Mechanics.

Title list

DVD Extras (2007 Release)

Description of individual songs

  • Mama: The song begins with a programmed by Mike Rutherford drum machine rhythm with accentuated off-beat, followed by Banks ' keyboard playing. The song describes a sinister relationship between a man and a prostitute. Collins ' maniacal laughter in this title has been inspired by a song by Grandmaster Flash.
  • That's All: The song built on a Klavierriff describes a love relationship between a man and a woman, but because of irreconcilable differences parties simply can not function. Collins ' vocals in the title ranges from irony cynicism to a highly aggressive shouting.
  • Illegal Alien: This Genesis unusual piece is an ironic plea for Mexican illegal emigrants who hope in the United States of America for a better life.


With the same album Genesis between November 6, 1983 and February 29, 1984 toured North America and Britain. The highly successful tour included a total of 71 appearances.


Concert film

In 1985, a home video to the tour under the name Genesis Live was: The Mama Tour published. This appeared in the movie box for the first time digitally remastered on DVD in November 2009. This concert recording from the February 1984 contains the following titles:




  • 08 /1983: Mum (UK # 4, D # 4, U.S. # 73)
  • 11/1983: That's All ( U.S. # 6, UK # 16, D # 27)
  • 01/ 1984: Illegal Alien ( U.S. # 44, UK # 46)
  • 06/ 1984: Taking It All Too Hard ( U.S. # 50)

Awards and nominations

Grammy Award nominations in 1985:

  • Best Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal (Genesis)
  • Best instrumental performance - rock ( " Second Home By The Sea " )


  • Producer: Genesis, Hugh Padgham
  • Sound engineer: Hugh Padgham
  • Technical Assistant: Geoff Callingham
  • Artwork: Bill Smith

Chart positions

Chart positions of the album and the singles in the U.S. charts.