Genova Brignole railway station

The Genova Brignole railway station, together with the railway station Genova Piazza Principe is one of two main railway stations of the Italian regional capital is Genoa. It is located on the Piazza Verdi in the city center.


The planned for the 1905 world exhibition, the idea came up in Genoa to build a second central station, was begun in 1902 under the supervision of the engineer Giovanni Ottino. The station building should be aligned on a length of 105 meters of three building structures according to a central axis of symmetry. The construction was completed in 1905.

The Genova Brignole railway station was included in the upgrade program of the great Italian stations, which is carried out by the organization Grandi Stazioni headed Ferrovie dello Stato.

The station received on December 22, 2012 through the completion of a metro station a subway connection.


The architecture of the station building is dominated by the romantic designs from the Renaissance to the French School, surrounded by rich decorative motifs. The pilasters, door pillars and bezels are made up to the first floor made ​​of white granite. The façade facing the Piazza Verdi is held in the Roman style and decorated with stucco and stone from the caves of Montorfano. The interior halls are equipped with frescoes by De Servi, Berroggio and Grife. On the facade of the central body of the main building stands a large sculpture with the coat of arms of Genoa, that is surrounded by two griffins is a white sign with a red cross, on which stands the Janus- crown. In addition to the under -standing clock the arms of Rome and Turin are visible.

The station building has several floors:

  • Basement: here are the central heating system, various storerooms and cellars of the restaurants and living rooms
  • Ground floor: here is the main hall with the ticket offices, several small shops and the offices of the Ferrovie dello Stato
  • Mezzanine: here are the platforms of the various tracks, small snack bars, waiting rooms and offices of the railway employees
  • First floor: with offices and apartments