Genova Piazza Principe railway station

The Genova Piazza Principe railway station is one of the two main railway stations in the Italian port city of Genoa. It is located in the northwestern area of the city center, between Piazza Acqua Verde, where are the Passenger Access, and Piazza del Principe. The station building occupies the entire northern section of the Via Andrea Doria; Here are the service access. In a short distance the imposing Palazzo del Principe is located. The second main station of the Ligurian capital is the Genova Brignole railway station.

Occasionally, the inscription Genova P. Principe incorrectly reported Genova " Porta " Principe ( porta is translated with door or gate) identified. In fact, a city gate was located at Piazza del Principe, the city wall remains can be seen at the entrance of the subway station Principe.


The station was built in 1860 under the direction of the architect Alessandro Mazzucchetti. The original building consisted of a steel vault, which spanned a hall between the side buildings.

To meet the increasing rail traffic demand, the station building was extended in 1900 by the engineer Giacomo Radini Tedeschi.

Today the station has several levels:

  • Plain: entirely underground; Location of the equipment and the storage rooms of the Ferrovie dello Stato and two railway tracks (stop Principe Sotterranea )
  • Intermediate level: lower altitude than the ground floor; Location of the platform and the track system, as well as smaller shops and snack bars
  • Ground floor: entrance hall with various shops and service facilities Trenitalia
  • Upper floors: offices of the Ferrovie dello Stato

The station was included in the quality improvement program of the organization Grandi Stazioni of Ferrovie dello Stato. The output of the stop Principe Sotterranea is located a few meters from the metro station of the Metropolitana di Genova Principe and Stazione Marittima, the ferry terminal, removed.