Geoff Brabham

Geoff Brabham ( born March 20, 1952 in Sydney ) is an Australian former racing driver.

Geoff Brabham is the eldest son of three-time Formula 1 World Champion Jack Brabham. He has two younger brothers who also found their way into the international racing. Gary, who has now ended his career, and David, who drove in the 1990s in Formula 1 and continues to be active in sports car racing.

Geoff Brabham celebrating his success in racing almost exclusively in the United States. Between 1981 and 1994, he was ten times in the 500 miles of Indianapolis at the start. His best result was the fourth rank in the race in 1983. He won four times in a row ( 1988-1991) the Rating IMSA GTP series and 1981 the overall rating of the CanAm championship.

In 1993 he was victorious even in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With Éric Hélary Christophe Bouchut and he shared the cockpit of a Peugeot 905 Geoff Brabham drove also in the Nascar and won with his two brothers, the 1000 km race at Bathurst in his native Australia.

Again and again during his long career he was engaged in the V8 Supercar racing series in Australia. Today he works, after the end of his motorsport career when driving trainer and instructor for BMW Australia. His son Matthew continues the family tradition in motorsports and has already been successful in karting.

2004 Geoff Brabham was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the American motorsport.

Le Mans results

  • Winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Champ Car racer
  • NASCAR driver
  • Racer (Australia)
  • Born in 1952
  • Man
  • World Sports Car Championship racer
  • Australian