Geometric primitive

The term (graphic ) primitive (which, Primitive Pl ) is used in computer graphics. He describes basic mono-, di - or three-dimensional geometric shapes, which are a part of interchange formats (e.g., DXF, PCL, or SVG). From these simple primitives is complicated shapes can be put together. Synonym are the basic object concepts, basic graphic form or spatial reference basic form (see also ISO 19107 ) was used.

Examples and Applications

What forms part of basic graphic forms, depending on the program or the description language used. In 2D computer graphics points, lines, polygons, circles and ellipses are common. In 3D computer graphics triangles or polygons are the most common primitives, although point clouds and other forms disseminated.

Basic shapes are used in vector -based graphics editing software and 3D modeling tools. In 2D computer graphics are available for basic forms algorithms for screening; in the 3D computer graphics used in renderers.