GeoNames is a free geographic database, licensed under Creative Commons ' Attribution '. The data are available as a download and on numerous Web services.

Database and web services

The GeoNames database contains over eight million geographical names corresponding to over 6.5 million topographic objects and in each one of nine classes and are categorized by more than 650 codes. Apart from place names in different languages ​​and longitude and latitude, altitude, population, administrative subdivision and zip codes in the database are included. All coordinates use the WGS84 ( World Geodetic System 1984 ), as it also comes in GPS for use.

GeoNames aggregates data from a variety of independent and public data sources. The quality of these data sources may vary considerably, and therefore GeoNames provides the ability to edit data manually and improve. It can be corrected or added places and translations in all languages, it can coordinate shifted and the classification to be corrected.

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