Georg, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg

Georg Karl Friedrich Franz of Saxe- Altenburg ( born July 24, 1796 in Hildburghausen, † August 3, 1853 in Hummelshain ), was Prince of Saxe- Hildburghausen, from 1826 Prince of Saxe- Altenburg and 1848-1853 Duke of Saxe- Altenburg.


George was a son of Duke Friedrich of Saxe- Hildburghausen and his wife Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg -Strelitz.

Since 1804 he served in the Austrian service. In the 3rd Uhlan Regiment Georg fought in the Battle of Leipzig and moved with Prince Schwarzenberg victorious in Paris. During the Italian campaign in 1814, the prince was wounded in the left thigh and had to give up the military career.

Back in Hildburghausen, he lived with his brother Joseph in the local Schloss Charlottenburg. From 1816 to 1820 George graduated from the University of Heidelberg and was thereafter determined by King Maximilian I of Bavaria to his personal aides. From this in 1822 awarded the Order of St. Hubert, he was given permission to take permanent residence in Hildburghausen, where George Castle in slipways redesigned. Prince George founded in Hildburghausen a youth weir and 1824 the municipal savings bank.

1826 George's father Duke of Saxe- Altenburg and the court moved to the new residence. George remained until 1829 in Hildburghausen and then moved to the castle to Christiansburg in Eisenberg. His parting words to the council were: "It made ​​me happy for some years after the departure of my relatives among the residents of this city to dwell, because I believe I can use a longer presence of my good countrymen. " The Eisenberger Superintendent Klötzner describes the Prince: "Noble shape, beautiful face, bright, friendly eyes, graceful pose, furthermore clear mind, deep mind, strong will, lively sense of nature and art, this affable, easy -sufficient for his person, economical and yet happy to give, in his love for his wife and the sons of the pattern of a right family man. "

Later, George and his family lived in the Altenburg Prince Palace. He succeeded his brother Joseph, who in 1848 renounced the throne as Duke of Saxe- Altenburg. The Duke reformed the financial administration, founded the " George club " for the promotion of arts and crafts and designed the Eisenberger castle on. 1850 George founded a Vorschusskasse for poor artisans and gave their own funds for poor relief from, which earned him the name of George the best. In 1850 he received the solemn Altenburger battalion of his brother Edward, who had victoriously fought war in Schleswig -Holstein.

Already on 28 May 1853 he had the government passed because of health problems in the hands of his son Ernst and died on 3 August at the hunting lodge Hummelshain.


On October 7, 1825, the then Hereditary Prince Georg Ludwig married in lust Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg ( 1803-1862 ), daughter of Crown Prince Friedrich Ludwig of Mecklenburg. From the couple's marriage had two sons who survived to adulthood:

  • Ernst I (1826-1908), Duke of Saxe- Altenburg 1853-1908
  • Albrecht (1827-1835)
  • Moritz (1829-1907)