Georg Michael Telemann

Georg Michael Telemann ( born April 20, 1748 in Ploen, † March 4, 1831 in Riga ) was a German church musician and composer. He was the grandson of Georg Philipp Telemann.

Life and work

Georg Michael Telemann, son of the pastor Andreas Ploner Telemann (1715-1755) and Augusta Clara Catharina Capsius, came after the death of his father in 1755 in the home of his then 74 -year-old grandfather Georg Philipp Telemann in Hamburg. In Hamburg, he attended the grammar school of Johanneums and then until 1770 the Academic Gymnasium. The age of 19 he composed in 1767, the grief -Ode to the afflicted death of my grandfather Mr. Georg Philipp Telemann, the Hamburg Music Choir Director. Georg Michael Telemann also took to the reoccupation of the site of his grandfather Georg Philipp Telemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in March 1768 Representation of the vacant post of Cantor Johannine and Director Musices the city of Hamburg. Between 1770 and 1772, he studied at the Christian -Albrechts -University of Kiel theology.

1773 Telemann became music director of the city churches and cantor at the cathedral in Riga. At the same time he taught at the cathedral school. In Riga, he performed at least 21 passions of his famous grandfather. In 1812 Telemann edited a hymn book with its own organ edits. In the following year he also got while maintaining the Kantorats the post of organist transferred to the cathedral. Georg Michael Telemann was added in 1828 at his own request because of an eye condition retires.

Georg Michael Telemann regarded as trustees of the work of his grandfather Georg Philipp Telemann.