George Averoff

Georgios Averof (Greek Γεώργιος Αβέρωφ; * 1815 in Metsovo, † 1899 in Alexandria ) was an Aromanian businessman and philanthropist.


Born in Metsovo ( Aromanian: Aminciu ), a small, predominantly populated city of Aromanians in the Pindus Mountains, it took his young but ambitious Averof to Alexandria, where he gained an immense fortune for that time as a dealer. like most Aromanians he was prohellenisch and proved a Greek patriot and Evergete: He founded Alexandria in two schools, a high school for boys and a training institute for girls. In Athens, he was instrumental in the founding of the Military Academy and the Polytechnic University.

When the Olympic Games were in 1896 almost moved because the Greek government could muster no money for the completion of the main competition venue, Averof jumped in and financed the completion of the Panathenaic stadium out of pocket.


Averof was buried in the First Cemetery of Athens after his death with a state. His numerous monuments were built in Greece in honor. In addition, a 1910 relating to purchased armored cruiser, Georgios Averof the which was the flagship of the Greek Navy more than 40 years, named after him.

Averof not count today, although to the great national heroes like Eleftherios Venizelos or Pavlos Kountouriotis, but his name is still many Greeks a term.

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  • Born in 1815
  • Died in 1899
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