George Bentham

George Bentham (* September 22, 1800 in Stoke, Devon England, † September 10, 1884 in London) was a British botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Benth. ".

Life and work

Bentham came early with his parents to St. Petersburg, lived from 1814 to 1826 in Montpellier there and explored the flora of the Pyrenees. He then studied in London jurisprudence, took a judgeship in 1832 and this was but after a year again. He devoted himself in the aftermath exclusively of botany, where he traveled through most of Europe for the purpose of his field research. In 1830 he became secretary of the Horticultural Society, and later President of the Linnaean Society in London. In 1834 he was elected a member of the Scholars Academy Leopoldina.

In connection with the establishment of an efficient scientific classification of plants Bentham dealt with logical problems. The result of his efforts was a 1827 published paper entitled "Design of a new system of logic " in which he examined the types of identity between objects. He developed it own classification simple logic circuit types.

His herbarium with more than 100,000 documents located since 1854 in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, where William Jackson Hooker, and in 1863 his son Joseph Dalton Hooker were director of the garden and the herbarium, with whom he worked closely.


The Royal Society awarded him the Royal Medal in 1859. 1879 Clarke Medal of the Royal Society of New South Wales he was awarded. In his honor, the plant genera and Benthamia Neobenthamia were named.


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