George Frederick Boyle

George Frederick Boyle ( born June 29, 1886 in Sydney, † June 20, 1948 in Philadelphia ) was an Australian composer.

Boyle trained as a pianist and composer in Australia. He then studied in Berlin with Ferruccio Busoni and undertook from 1908 concert tours through Europe. Since 1910, he lived in the United States. At first he was a piano teacher at the Conservatory in Baltimore, then at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, and finally at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Most recently, he headed the piano department of Musical Academy of Philadelphia.

Boyle wrote a symphonic fantasy, a Concertino for piano and orchestra, a cantata, a piano, a viola, a cello and a violin sonata and other chamber music works.

  • Composer of classical music ( 20th century)
  • Australian composer
  • Music teacher
  • Australian
  • Born in 1886
  • Died in 1948
  • Man