George Gervin

George Gervin (* April 27, 1952 in Detroit, Michigan ) is a retired American professional basketball player with the nickname " Iceman".

Gervin played fourteen seasons in both the American Basketball Association for the Virginia Squires and San Antonio Spurs ( ABA), as well as in the National Basketball Association (NBA), also for the San Antonio Spurs and also for the Chicago Bulls. He is 2.01 meters tall and played at the position of shooting guard.

Gervin was called five times in the All- NBA First Team ( 1978-1982 ). In addition, he was elected nine times in an NBA All-Star Team ( 1977-85 ) and won once with the title of the All-Star MVP (1980). Gervin led the NBA in four seasons with the highest average points per game scored on. This performance was only Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain frequently. He is also one of only six players ever, who led the NBA in three consecutive seasons in these statistics ( 1978-1980 ).

1996 Gervin was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

On the album Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (2009 ) of the avant-garde guitarist Buckethead George Gervin dedicated a song. It bears the name "Iceman", which is based on Gervins homonymous nickname.