George Henry Craig

George Henry Craig ( born December 25, 1845 in Cahaba, Dallas County, Alabama; † 26 January 1923 in Selma, Alabama) was an American lawyer and politician ( Republican).


George Henry Craig attended the Cahaba Academy. He entered 1862 in Mobile in the Confederate Army, where he held the rank of Private in Colonel Byrd's Regiment of Alabama Volunteers. Craig visited in 1863 as a cadet the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He was promoted to First Lieutenant of Infantry. Craig took in the same year his service to and practiced this until the end of the Civil War. Then he again went back to the University of Alabama to finish his studies or part thereof. He studied law, was given in December 1867 admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Selma. The following year he was elected Solicitor of Dallas County. Then he was appointed in March 1869 in Dallas County Sheriff and elected in March 1870 a judge of the local criminal court County. To fill a vacancy in the first judicial district of Alabama, Governor David Peter Lewis appointed him in July 1874 there to judge. On November 4, 1874, he was officially elected to that position and held it until 1880. Afterwards he took in Selma his work as a lawyer again.

Craig has successfully challenged the election of Charles M. Shelley in the 48th U.S. Congress and served from 9 January 1885 to 3 March 1885. Upon his candidacy in 1884 for the 49th U.S. Congress, however, he suffered a defeat. Craig was appointed by U.S. President Chester A. Arthur to the Federal Attorney for the Middle and Northern District of Alabama. Then U.S. President Grover Cleveland appointed him in 1894 in the Board of Visitors to the Military Academy at West Point. Later he took his work as a lawyer in Selma back to where he died in 1923. He was buried in Live Oak Cemetery.