George Herbert Skinner

George Herbert Skinner ( * April 1872 in Municipal Borough of Ealing in London, † 1931) was a British shoe and carburetor manufacturers.

George Herbert Skinner was the son of the shoe manufacturer William Banks Skinner of Lilley & Skinner, in which Herbert was also on the Executive Board. In 1903 he bought an automobile in France by Léon Bollée of 1896 and was one of the first automobile owners in the United Kingdom. In 1905, he announced he developed a carburetor in the UK for a patent. Later he worked with his younger brother Thomas Carlisle Skinner in the development of a more effective carburetor. Skinner did not believe in early enrollment of children, so he let his son Herbert Skinner only 1909 enroll with nine years in the Durston House School. Herbert and Carlisle Skinner founded the Skinner's Union Company Limited, shortly SU, the CV carburetors produced, some of which development details are listed in today's carburetors in August 1910. The original carburetors were equipped with goatskin bellows that produced Herbert's wife, Mabel Elizabeth. Spare parts for there was Skinner until 1928.

In 1926 the Morris Motor Company and SU 1936 SU was finally part of Morris. Therefore, no SU carburetors are installed in early Austins, as the then still independent Austin Motor Company from competitors Morris was. In 1952, SU part of the British Motor Corporation ( BMC) and in 1968 by British Leyland. SU 1988 was sold to the Holborn Group.



  • Entrepreneurs (United Kingdom)
  • Briton
  • Born in 1872
  • Died in 1931
  • Man