George Hotz

George Francis Hotz ( born October 2, 1989 in Glen Rock, New Jersey), also known under the pseudonyms geohot, million75 or mil, is an American hacker. He reached for his exploits for the Apple iPhone, the Playstation 3 and the iPad a high level of recognition in the hacker scene and with certain user groups of the respective devices. With the written Hotz programs maker's limitations of the devices can be bypassed ( jailbreak ), such as the blocking of the iPhone software from other providers than Apple. In January 2011 he published on his blog the full root key of the PlayStation 3 Their manufacturer Sony filed a lawsuit against him because of various offenses, including for infringement of the copyright in the software used for the PlayStation.

Curriculum vitae

Hotz grew up in Glen Rock in the U.S. state of New Jersey, where he also went to school and received his high school diploma in 2007. He has a sister. Already in elementary school he was interested in technical devices, which he disassembled and put together again in a different form according to their own ideas. In 2005, Hotz was in competition at the International Science and Engineering Fair ( ISEF ) of the Intel part. He reached the final with his project "The Googler ". In 2007 his project " I want a Holodeck " won the same competition, with several prizes. In May 2011, George Hotz was hired as a software developer in the social network Facebook.

Legal battle with Sony

Because of the cracking of the Playstation 3 Sony struggled to a lawsuit against Hotz. Hotz was, according to the application by Sony against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, have copyright and other federal laws and laws of the State of California violated computer fraud, etc.. In order to gather evidence for this process, the Group procured early March 2011, a far-reaching court order. Accordingly, Sony should get comprehensive data about the visitors of Hotz ' website. The responsible Internet provider was obliged to surrender the log files to Sony, which meant the opportunity for the Group to be able to determine the IP addresses of the visitors and their download behavior since early 2009. Other companies had to provide information about visitors published by Hotz websites or files that were Google, YouTube and Twitter. On YouTube, Hotz had set a video with instructions for cracking the PS3. The Electronic Frontier Foundation described the court decision on these information requirements are considered inappropriate and wanted to proceed legally against it.

Hotz told the meantime with his website that he was, thanks to numerous donations of Internet users will be able to pay his legal fees. He asked the same media and private citizens to support by they should spread their rejection of the approach of Sony as far as possible.

The legal battle with Sony was late March 2011, adjusted by mutual agreement. Hotz accepted an injunction whose contents remained secret. The donations are not required in the amount of $ 10,000, he led the Electronic Frontier Foundation to who had supported him.

Beginning of April 2011 put members of the Anonymous movement quietly in retaliation ("Operation Sony ") for the " abuse of the judicial system " several web sites by Sony through a study conducted with the Low Orbit Ion Cannon DDoS attack.

Steel in June 2011 and published the hacker group Lulz Security presumably one million users data from the website of Sony Pictures, as a motif called retaliation for Hotz.