George Howard Williams

George Howard Williams ( born December 1, 1871 in California, Moniteau County, Missouri, † November 25, 1963 in Sarasota, Florida ) was an American politician ( Republican), who represented the state of Missouri in the U.S. Senate.

George Williams attended the public schools and to prepare for the study of the Drury College in Springfield. He graduated from Princeton in 1894 and 1897 at the Law School of Washington University, after which he was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in St. Louis.

From 1906 to 1912 Williams Judge of the District Court of St. Louis. 1922 and 1923, he served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of Missouri. After the death of U.S. Senator Selden P. Spencer Williams was appointed to succeed him in Congress. He took his place on 25 May 1925 and had the Senate on December 5, 1926 leave again, after he had tried in vain to the seat at a by-election. During his time in Washington, he was Chairman of the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expenses.

After the end of his political career, George Williams again worked as a lawyer in St. Louis, until he retired in 1943. He moved to Sarasota to Florida, where he died in 1963.