George K. Nash

George Kilborn Nash ( born August 14, 1842 Medina County, Ohio, † October 28, 1904 ) was an American politician and from 1900 to 1904 the 41th Governor of the state of Ohio.

Early years and political rise

George Nash attended after elementary school for two years Oberlin College. During the Civil War he served as a soldier in the army of the Union. After the war he studied law in Columbus.

In 1869, the Republicans Nash was employed by the Secretary of State of Ohio office. In the following ten years he was twice district attorney in Franklin County and 1880-1884 Attorney General of Ohio under Governor Charles Foster. He then worked at the Supreme Court of Ohio. In 1895 he applied unsuccessfully for his party's nomination for the gubernatorial elections. In 1899, he had more success; which was also the fact that he had risen in the meantime his party chairman at the state level.

Governor of Ohio

After he won the election for governor, George Nash stepped up his new post on January 8, 1900. After a re-election in 1901, he could remain in office until 11 January 1904. In this period were extended by a constitutional amendment, the powers of the Governor. This concerned, among other things, its right of veto and control of the local or municipal authorities. Nash led a unified audit system in his government and also prompted inspections in schools and hospitals. Also, the tax law was changed. Among other companies had to pay taxes on capital gains for the first time.

Nash survived the end of his governorship only about nine months. He already died on 28 October 1904. He was married to Ada Deshler, with whom he had a child.