George Lynch (musician)

George Lynch ( born September 28, 1954 in Spokane, Washington) is an American rock and heavy metal guitarist. He became world famous as a musician of the melodic glam metal band Dokken in the 1980s and occurs nowadays with his bands Lynch Mob and Souls of We.


Lynch grew up in California in the small town of Auburn. Mark Kendall, guitarist of the American rock band Great White, indicates that Lynch anwandte Eddie van Halen earlier than the two-handed finger -tapping on the guitar. However, both guitarists discovered this technique at Harvey Mandel, when they saw him play in the 1970s in the Starwood Club.

Lynch played in two bands, namely, " The Boyz " and " Xciter ", the latter were locally successful. He applied twice as a guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, however, had the first attempt in 1979 against Randy Rhoads left behind. In 1982 he tried to replace Brad Gillis to grab the guitar post said Osbourne but opted for Jake E. Lee.


1980 Lynch was guitarist for the band to showcase and rock singer Don Dokken, with whom he traveled to Germany. 1981 Don Dokken supported the Scorpions at the demo recordings for their album Blackout, as their singer Klaus Meine has had to undergo vocal cord surgery. In return, Dokken was offered the opportunity to take free demos in the studio of producer Dieter Dierks Scorpions. They manage to get a record deal with Carrere Records, and under the direction of Michael Wagener produced debut album Dokken Breakin ' the Chains. Shortly after the recording Lynch and drummer Mick Brown are engaged to support Udo Lindenberg at the recording for his album lobe.

The band later had great success with their platinum albums Under Lock and Key and Back for the Attack. Lynch excelled here with his technique, especially due to his solo finger skills. His instrumental piece Mr. Scary was a hallmark and later to the model designation for Lynch's own guitar series. In 1989, the band won a Grammy in the category " Best Rock Instrumental ". Dokken broke up despite continued great popularity in 1989 due to internal tensions between singer Don Dokken and the rest of the group. Don Dokken recorded the album Up From the Ashes on, but was not allowed to publish under the name of " Dokken " and it had with the album also no commercial success.

1994, there was a reunion. Dokken, Mick Brown and Jeff Pilson teamed up again and recorded a new song material, but the record company insisted on a return of George Lynch. This returned to Dokken, and together the musicians recorded the album Dysfunctional, which was released in 1995 by Columbia Records. Later, in 1997, the album Shadow Life, with the Dokken wanted to adapt to the musical zeitgeist (grunge ), which failed with the fans due to the reluctance appeared.

The contractual binding to Dokken ended after another tour in 1998, Lynch ended the cooperation and continued his musical ideas again with Lynch Mob to.

In November 2009, Lynch Mob toured opening for Dokken on their tour. On November 29, 2009, there was at the concert in Anaheim, California, to a complete Dokken reunion, as Jeff Pilson and George Lynch came with the additions to Don Dokken and Mick Brown on the stage and played two songs with them from time together. Following this event has been speculation in fandom about a soon upcoming re-formation of the group in the original line, which was on the Dokken site by the question of whether it would shortly come to a grand announcement, fueled in May 2010. On 8 December 2010 Lynch, said on its website, however, that it would not give this reunion, though he and Jeff Pilson had really tried it. Failure to reach alone was Don Dokken decision. Literally wrote Lynch:

"We feel it 's important to let folks know there will be no Dokken reunion in the Foreseeable future, if ever. This is Don's decision Despite Jeff 's and my best intentions and efforts over the past few years to make this happen in good faith. My apologies to VH1, Eddie Trunk, Steve Strange and all the fans who were pulling for this to happen. "

Lynch Mob

Lynch founded after the first split of Dokken with Mick Brown own band by the name of Lynch Mob and oriented themselves to the music: the texts dealt with other issues than with Dokken, the music was sophisticated and the guitars superficial. The band, consisting of Lynch, Oni Logan (vocals and harmonica ), Anthony Esposito (bass) and Mick Brown ( drums), released their debut album titled Wicked Sensation in 1990 by Elektra Records and was produced by Max Norman and Lynch Mob.

The second album, simply entitled Lynch received mob, appeared for a singer exchange in 1992. The vocals took over Robert Mason, and the album Keith Olsen had produced which contained a cover version of the Queen song Tie Your Mother Down. 1993 Lynch published his first solo album, Sacred Groove.

After his renewed commitment begun in 1994 when he started Dokken Lynch Mob 1998 new, this time with the album Smoke This, taken in a completely different line-up and recorded elements of Hip Hop, Industrial, and other sounds. Disappointed with the failure of this experiment took Lynch another project in attack: Together with Jeff Pilson, who played in the meantime the bass in Dio, and drummer Michael Frowein they took as " LP" ( Lynch / Pilson ) the album Wicked Underground on the 2003 appeared. The same year, Lynch again gathered Anthony Esposito, Robert Mason and Michael Frowein around to record the album REvolution as Lynch Mob. It contained re- recorded pieces of Dokken and Lynch Mob, which is now published in a more contemporary sound.

In 2009 they had another Lynch Mob album called Smoke & Mirrors, which had been taken up by Lynch, Oni Logan, bassist Marco Mendoza and drummer Tommy Aldridge.

Souls of We

2008 Lynch took with singer London LeGrand, bassist Johnny Chow and drummer Yael under the name "Souls of We " the album Let the Truth Be Known, on which Jeff Pilson played bass in numerous pieces.

T & N

In the course of 2011, George Lynch collaborated with his former Dokken colleagues Pilson and Brown and drummer Brian Tichy with the new songs for his band Lynch Mob, Oni Logan, however, their singer was not of the opinion that this new material fit for the band would. Lynch, Pilson and Brown then took many of them written Dokken songs with the participation of various guest singers such as Sebastian Bach, Doug Pinnick ( King's X ), Tim "Ripper" Owens and Geoff Tate ( Queensrÿche ) scratch. They also adopted in the cast Lynch, Pilson and Tichy on another, newly written pieces in which Pilson took over the vocals.

A publication of the material thus produced was originally planned under the name " Tooth and Nail " for March 2011, postponed, however, until October 2012. Meanwhile, the band changed its name for legal reasons, because the record company Tooth & Nail Records, the trademark the name " Tooth and Nail " has. Since then the group "T & N " is the name of the ad published in October 2012 album called Slave to the Empire.


He founded with Doug Pinnick and Ray Luzier the supergroup KXM with which he, inter alia, 2014 plans to release an album.



  • Breaking the Chains (1983 )
  • Tooth and Nail ( 1984)
  • Under Lock and Key (1985 )
  • Back for the Attack (1987 )
  • Beast from the East (1988 )
  • The Best of Dokken (1994 ) - Japanese release
  • One Live Night ( 1995) - Japanese publication, months later released worldwide.
  • Dysfunctional (1995 )
  • Shadow Life (1997)
  • The Definitive Collection Skirt (2006)
  • From Conception: Live 1981 (2007)

Lynch Mob

  • Wicked Sensation ( 1990)
  • Lynch Mob (1992 )
  • Syzygy (1998)
  • Smoke This (1999)
  • Evil: Live (2003)
  • Smoke and Mirrors (2009)
  • Sound Mountain Sessions (2012 )


  • Sacred Groove (1993 )
  • Live in Florida ( 1999)
  • Will Play for Food (2000)
  • Stonehouse (2001)
  • The Lynch That Stole Riffness! (2002)
  • Furious George (2004)
  • Scorpion Tales ( 2007)
  • Guitar Slinger (2007)
  • Orchestral Mayhem (2010)
  • Kill All Control ( 2011)

Lynch / Pilson

  • Wicked Underground ( 2003)

Tony MacAlpine

  • Maximum Security (1987 )


  • Xciter (2006)

Lana Lane

  • Gemini ( 2006)

Souls of We

  • Let the Truth Be Known (2008)

George Lynch & The Stahlwersfonie Orchestra

  • Christmas / Sarajevo ( 2009)

T & N

  • Slave to the Empire (2012 )

Hear 'n Aid

  • Stars (1986 )


  • Kxm (2014)


Lynch Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Michael Schenker, Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen has been called as part of his musical influences.