George of Cappadocia

He was the son of a merchant, became rich as a military supplier in Constantinople Opel, before he was ordained a priest and bishop of Cappadocia was. He was an avid supporter of Arianism. On behalf of Emperor Constantius II, he taught the imperial family in the Christian religion. After Constantius had banished once again Athanasius of Alexandria, he made 356 George Bishop of Alexandria. There, George made ​​himself hated by his relentless persecution of the followers of Athanasius in the population. In addition, he said, not even the Coptic language of the locals.

When Constantius died on November 2, 361, George lost his protector and was delivered to the people 's wrath. He was killed on December 24, 361 of a violent crowd.

George of Cappadocia is not identical to the Saint George of Cappadocia, or Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop of Cappadocia ( about the same time ).

  • Bishop ( 4th century )
  • Christian Orient
  • Arian bishop
  • Born on the 3rd or 4th century
  • Died 361
  • Man