George Poindexter

George Poindexter (* 1779 in Louisa County, Virginia; † September 5, 1853 in Jackson, Mississippi) was an American politician who represented the state of Mississippi in both chambers of the U.S. Congress and served as its governor.

Despite sporadic made ​​education George Poindexter was later able to start a law degree and was admitted to the bar in 1800. He subsequently worked as a lawyer in Milton in today's West Virginia.

1802 Poindexter moved to the Mississippi Territory, where he settled as a lawyer in Natchez. A little later he was appointed Attorney General of the Territory; the House of Representatives he was a member in 1805. Even before the state of Mississippi was formed, he took it in three consecutive sessions from 1807 to 1813 as a non-voting delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 1813 he was District Judge of the territory, which he remained until 1817; during this time he served as a soldier in the British -American War. After recording the Mississippi into the Union Poindexter was elected as a regular delegate to the House of Representatives in December 1817, where he remained until March 3, 1819. He missed the 1818 re-election, as early as 1820, 1819, Poindexter was elected as a member of the Democratic-Republican Party for Governor of Mississippi.; In 1822 he resigned from this office after two years of reign.

As a U.S. Senator Robert H. Adams died on July 2, 1830 was George Poindexter, now Democrat, determined to succeed him. He ended Adams ' until March 3, 1835 permanent tenure and acted as chairman of several committees; Moreover, he was from June to November 1834 President pro tempore of the Senate. He introduced himself, changed in the meantime the National Republican Party for a second term in the election, but failed.

After that Poindexter retired from politics. He first lived in Kentucky and worked as a lawyer in Lexington; later he returned to Mississippi, where he died in 1853.