George Vickers

George Vickers ( born November 19, 1801 in Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland, † October 8, 1879 ibid ) was an American politician of the Democratic Party, who represented the state of Maryland in the U.S. Senate.

After his education, Vickers was initially for a few years an employee of the County Clerk in Kent County. Later he studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1832 and began to work as a lawyer in his hometown. During the American Civil War he held the rank of major general in the state militia of Maryland.

1864 Vickers took the Democratic Party in the Electoral College, the Abraham Lincoln re- elected as U.S. president. Two years later, he was vice president of the National Union Convention in Philadelphia. Its goal was to overcome the consequences of the civil war and the two warring parts of the country to come together again; However, this did not happen.

Between 1866 and 1867, George Vickers of the Senate of Maryland. In 1868 he was elected U.S. Senator, where he became the successor of Philip F. Thomas. This from the Senate to its mandate had been denied. Vickers remained of 7 March 1868 to March 3, 1873 Congress; after he again worked as a lawyer in Chestertown, where he died in 1879.