Georges Boulogne

Georges Boulogne ( born July 1, 1917 in Haillicourt, Pas -de- Calais, † August 24, 1999 ) was a French football coach and functionary, who was conducting for the French national team responsible A- from March 1969 to May 1973.


Georges Boulogne had played himself as an amateur in Amboise football. After the Second World War, he trained first several club teams, including CO Saint-Dizier and FC Mulhouse, before he began to perceive various tasks in the French football federation FFF. From 1958 he worked in coach education and was also successively responsible for the youth, amateur and B teams. In early 1969 he joined the successor of Louis Dugauguez as head coach ( sélectionneur - entraîneur ) of the French A- national team.

The first game of the Équipe Tricolore at Boulogne's tour ended with a 0-5 defeat at Wembley. With 15 wins, five draws and eleven defeats his international balance was rather modest; France missed during that time to qualify for the finals of the World Cup 1970 ( second in the group behind Sweden), the 1972 European Championship ( third behind Hungary and Bulgaria) as well as the 1974 World Cup ( again only third - in a group of three - behind the USSR and Ireland). France's last game of the World Cup qualifiers ( 0-2 in Moscow) was also the last of the coach, the Ştefan Kovács replaced. Against opponent from German speaking countries, there were also under Boulogne only defeats (1:2 in Switzerland and 0-1 in Austria, both 1970).

Official of the association

As early as 1970, during his work as a trainer for les Bleus, he was Directeur Technique National FFF and stayed in this newly created position of influence until 1982, in which he made ​​a name as an innovator of French football. Among other things, Boulogne reformed the trainer training, continued the introduction of junior centers ( centers de formation ) in all professional clubs by organized regular scholarship courses for junior players in all regions and introduced the National Cup competitions for children ( minimes ) and student teams ( cadets ). He is regarded as one of the principal " fathers of talent INF Clairefontaine ." He has also published books on training theory, the most famous of " Le Guide pratique du football " (1977 co-authored with Roland Chatard and Michel Hidalgo ) is.

The stadium of AC Amboise named Stade Georges Boulogne today. In addition, the clubs throughout France organized every year on an autumn day, the Journée Georges Boulogne, where the youngest footballer vintages ( poussins ) present themselves.