Georges Friedel

Georges Friedel ( born July 19, 1865 in Mulhouse, † December 11, 1933 in Strasbourg ) was a French mineralogist and crystallographer.


Georges Friedel is the son of the famous chemist Charles Friedel. He studied at the École Polytechnique in Paris and the Ecole Nationale des Mines de Saint- Étienne and was a pupil of François Ernest Mallard ( 1833-1894 ). In 1893 he was appointed professor at the École Nationale des Mines, whose director he was later also. After the First World War, he returned as a professor at the University of Strasbourg in Alsace back. In 1930 he resigned for health reasons to retire early. Friedel was married and had five children. He died in 1933.

Scientific work

Like his teacher Mallard Friedel dealt with the theories of Auguste Bravais. Friedel was able to demonstrate the theoretical foundations established by Bravais ( Bravais lattice ) with the help of X-ray diffraction experiments on crystal lattices, thus providing the physical evidence. One of the most important discoveries in his work is the Friedel's law.

His son Edmond Friedel led later together with Louis de Broglie first diffraction experiments on liquid crystals.

Important publications

  • Groupements cristallins (1904 )
  • Etudes sur les lois de Bravais (1907 )
  • Les états de la mesomorphic matiere (1922 )