Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones (English about: orientation boards, also known as Mark or stones of Georgia ) form a large monument made ​​of granite stone, which is located in Elbert County in the U.S. state of Georgia. Due to its appearance, it is sometimes referred to as the "American Stonehenge " means. An inscription with ten guidelines is engraved on the massive stone blocks in eight modern languages. On the top of the guidelines are in abbreviated form in four ancient languages: Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In June 1978, an unknown person appointed under the pseudonym RC Christian Elberton Granite Finishing Company which to build the monument. It is almost twenty feet ( about 6 meters) high, consists of six granite slabs, weighing nearly 100 tons. In the center of the monument there is a plate to the group four more star-shaped plates. On these plates lies a capstone. Furthermore, there is a stone slab in the immediate vicinity, which is embedded in the floor and contains some information about the history and purpose of the Guidestones.


Ten " commandments " or guidelines are engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages ​​, one language on each side of the four upright stones. If one begins clockwise from the north, so are the English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, ancient Chinese, and Russian. In English, the inscription reads:

A shorter message is on the four vertical sides of the capstone, again each in a different language and writing on either side. The explanatory plaque next to the Guidestones identifies these languages ​​/ scripts as Babylonian Cuneiform (north), Classical Greek (east), Sanskrit (south ), and Egyptian hieroglyphs (West) and explains what is presumably an English translation:

Blackboard with notes

A few meters to the west of the monument another granite slab was embedded in the floor. It explains the structure and the languages ​​that contains facts about size, weight, and astronomical details of the stones as well as the date of construction and the sponsors of the project.

Additionally, there is information about a time capsule to be buried in the panel. But not contain information about when the capsule was buried and later to be dug up again; therefore it is not clear whether ever a time capsule is buried there.

The panel itself is aligned with their sides to the cardinal points and labeled to the north indicates the reading direction. However, it is inaccurate in punctuation - the word " pseudonym" is misspelled. In the middle of each corner there is a small circle, each containing a letter of the appropriate compass direction (in English) specifying (N, S, E, W).

At the top is on the board:

Below that is the outline of a square, which is written:

To the corners of the quadrilateral around the names of the four ancient scripts / languages ​​are arranged, one per corner. Starting from the top and continue making clockwise are:

On the left side of the panel is the following text:

These words appear under the time capsule heading; Data are not engraved (the word pseudonym is misspelled ).

On the right side of the panel is the following text:

In these two columns text is written:

The following is a schematic diagram of the upright stones of the structure consisting pointing out a small square surrounded by four longer rectangles to the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast.

The names of eight modern languages ​​are inscribed along the edge, one at each corner. From the north beginning and so read clockwise around the chart that the top edge of the northeast rectangle is listed first, they are:

At the very bottom in the middle of the table is written:


The Georgia Guidestones are located on a hilltop in Elbert County, Georgia, approximately 90 miles (145 km) east of Atlanta, 45 miles (72 kilometers) from Athens (precise distance: 44.3322 miles), Georgia, and 9 miles (15 km) north of the center of Elberton.

The stones are located on a hill near the Highway 77 ( Hartwell Highway) east of Georgia and are easily visible from this road. Small road signs on the highway indicate the exit to the Guidestones, " Guidestones Rd "


Or the owner of the site is not known. The detailed records of the Georgia Mountain Travel Association, are the "Georgia Guidestones on the farm of Mildred and Wayne Mullenix at Georgia State Highway 77, 7.2 miles north of Elberton Georgia, 1.3 miles south of Hart - Elbert County Line, 7, 8 miles South of Hartwell Georgia located. "

On the other hand, it looks as if the Guidestones would stand on an area of the County Elbert County, which was bought on 1 October 1979.