Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Georgia as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.


Georgia took part in the competition for the first time in 2007. First representative was Sopho Khalvashi. She reached the semifinals of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki ( Finland) an eighth place with 123 points. In the final, she took a twelfth place with 97 points.

Also at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade (Serbia ) participated Georgia. The candidate was at a national qualifying round in Tbilisi selected on March 1. Won this gala, the blind singer Diana Gurzkaja with the English song Peace Will Come.

2009 participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest should first be canceled due to the Caucasus War of 2008. It was said at last becoming to and held a preliminary decision, however, violated the winning song We Do not Wanna Put In Stephane & 3G against the rules. The song after this song was directed against Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The Georgian television was then announced that they neither want to change the text still send another song to Moscow. So Georgia drew the participation of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2009 back again.

In July 2009, the Georgian station confirmed his comeback for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010. Participant Sopho Nischaradse was internally, the song Shine chosen in a public preliminary decision. She took ninth place in the final, which is so far the best placement of Georgia. In 2011 they reached 9th place again

2011 & 2012 participants was selected by a preliminary decision with 8-10 participants. 2012 retired Georgia for the first time in the semifinals. 2013 we came very close to the final (only through the help of juries ) and reached there in 15th place in 2014 also participates Georgia.

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So far, all posts of Georgia were sung in English. The contribution rates in 2012 also contained in the Georgian language.