Georgia State Senate

The Senate of Georgia ( Georgia State Senate ) is the upper house of the Georgia General Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Georgia.

The chamber of parliament is composed of 56 Senators representing an electoral district respectively. The senators are elected for four -year terms. The elections held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years instead. Each member of the House of Representatives must be citizens of the United States and must have lived for at least two years in Georgia. Furthermore, it at least a year in the constituency must have been resident and be at his election at least 25 years old before his election. There is no limitation on the terms.

The meeting room of the Senate is located together with the House of Representatives in the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta capital.

Tasks of the Senate

The Senate of Georgia fall As in upper houses in other states and territories, as well as in the U.S. Senate compared to the House of Representatives special tasks that go beyond the law. So it is up to the Senate, nominations of the Governor in his cabinet to accept or reject other offices of the executive branch and commissions and authorities.

Structure of the chamber

President of the Senate is the acting vice governor, respectively. At votes he only participates to bring about a decision in stalemates. In the absence of the Vice- Governor of the respective President pro tempore stands in front of the plenary sessions. This is elected by the majority party of the Senate and later confirmed by the chamber. Current Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate is the Republican Casey Cagle, president pro tempore of the Republicans Tommie Williams of the 19th electoral district ( Lyons ).

For Majority Leader ( Majority leader) Republican Chip Rogers, 21 constituency was ( Woodstock ), elected; Leader of the opposition (minority leader) is the Democrat Robert Brown of the 26th electoral district ( Macon ).

Composition of the Board

List of committees

  • Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
  • Appropriations
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Economic Development
  • Education and Youth
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Health and Human Services
  • Higher Education
  • Insurance and Labor
  • Interstate Cooperation
  • Judiciary
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Reapportionment and redistricting
  • Regulated Industries and Utilities
  • Retirement
  • Rules
  • Science and Technology
  • Special Judiciary
  • State and Local Governmental Operations
  • State Institutions and Property
  • Transportation
  • Veterans and Military Affairs