Gerald J. Toomer

Gerald James Toomer ( born November 23, 1934 in Aldershot, Hampshire ) is a British historian of mathematics and science.

Toomer attended from 1945 to 1953, the Clifton College in Bristol and studied classical philology at the University of Oxford, where he was a 1955-1959 Fellow of Corpus Christi College, and from 1961 to 1965 EP Warren Praelector after graduation. Since 1965 he was a professor at Brown University, the Otto Neugebauer made ​​it a center for science with ancient history and the ancient Near East, where he is Professor Emeritus today.

He has been dealing with ancient Greek mathematics and astronomy, was a new annotated translation of the Almagest of Claudius Ptolemy out and a transfer of Books 5-7 of the conic teaching of Apollonius, which are known only from the Arabic ( Banu Musa ) and of Diocles treatise on burning mirrors ( De speculis caustics ). He also edited with Frances Benjamin Theorica Planetarum of Campanus of Novara ( 1971). He wrote, inter alia, the biographies of Apollonius, Hipparchus and Ptolemy in the Dictionary of Scientific Biography, and on the influence of Babylonian astronomy to Hipparchus.

Toomer wrote a history of the history of the study of Arabic in England in the 17th century and a biography of the English scholar John Selden universal.

Since 1984 he is member of the International Academy for the History of Science. He was 1985 Guggenheim Fellow.


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