Gérard, Duke of Lorraine

Gerhard (* 1030, † April 14, 1070 in Remiremont ) was Lord of Châtenois and from 1048 duke of Lorraine. In contemporary sources, he is ( according to his possession near Neufchâteau ) called Gerhard of Alsace and Gerhard von Châtenois. His parents are Count Gerhard and Gisela, sometimes - is called the daughter of the Duke of Lorraine Dietrich I. († 1026/27 ) - but without any evidence.

His brother Adalbert was in 1047 by Emperor Henry III. appointed to the Duke of Lorraine, after this the Duchy Gottfried III. had decreased. Gottfried accepted the decision not rebelled and killed Adalbert. Henry III. gave the duchy to Adalbert's brother Gerhard on. Gottfried continued his fight and support the Lorraine nobility, and he succeeded soon to capture Gerhard. However, Gerhard had the support of Pope Leo IX. (Bruno of Eguisheim - Dabo and former Bishop of Toul ), which - in transit in Lorraine - 1049 reached the release Gerhards. The more the Emperor now supported him with soldiers, the stronger was Gerhard until he was able to overcome his opponents. The nobility of Lorraine, however, continued its resistance.

Gerhards rule was thus by his loyalty to Henry III. and later Henry IV coined. It was through his work with the Church of Moyenmoutier Vogt (Central Münster), Saint- Mihiel and Remiremont. He left the Château de Prény and build a city in the center of the Duchy in a place which was named Nancy, and developed into a metropolis of Lorraine soon.

The children from his marriage to Hadwide were:

  • Dietrich II, 1065 attested, 1070 Duke of Lorraine, in 1114 Margrave, † December 30, 1115; ∞ I 1079 Hedwig of Formbach, daughter of Friedrich von Formbach and Gertrude of Haldensleben, widow of Gebhard von Süpplingenburg, mother of Emperor Lothar III. ; ∞ II 1095 Gertrude of Flanders, † 1115/26, daughter of Robert daughter of the Frisian, Count of Flanders and Holland, widow of Henry III. Count of Brabant and Vogt.
  • Gerhard I, Count of Vaudémont 1073 - Descendants † 1346
  • Gisela to 1079/1114 Abbess of Remiremont
  • Beatrix, 1102/17 witnessed; ∞ Stephen I. madcap, Count of Vienne and Macon, † 1102 ( House of Burgundy - Ivrea )

He died in Remiremont while he fought another revolt of the nobility of Lorraine, poisoning is not excluded. He was buried in the Abbey Remiremont.