Geras (Greek Γῆρας, old age ) is in Greek mythology, the personification of old age. His Roman counterpart is Senectus.

According to the Theogony of Hesiod, he is a son of the goddess Nyx. In Hyginus Cicero and his father Erebus is. Geras is the counterpart of Hebe, the personification of youth.

The motive of Greek art, he is depicted as an old schrumpeliges little men in battle with Heracles, who defeated him. Heracles (next to him Dionysus ) equipped as one of the only two mortals by the gods with immortality, deified and included in the Olympus.

Philostratus reports that a Greek temple of Geras in Cádiz (then Gadeira ) existed.

Do not confuse the term with the concept of honor in the Iliad central Geras (Greek γέρας ). The second letter is the Greek Epsilon here. The dispute about the gift of honor ( another meaning of γέρας ) led to the anger of Achilles.