Gerhard VI, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg

Gerhard VI. (* 1367, † August 4, 1404 ) was Count of Holstein- Rendsburg and Duke of the Duchy of Schleswig.


Gerhard VI. - Son of Count Henry II of Rendsburgerstrasse line of the house looking castle and the castle of Mecklenburg Inge - was since 1384, Count of Holstein- Rendsburg. On September 15, 1386 he was appointed by King Oluf III. of Denmark hereditary fief with the Duchy of Schleswig. His position of power could extend to Gerhard Holstein: After the extinction of the line of Plön Schauenburger in 1390 and the Kiel line succeeded him in 1403 to take over their territories in Holstein, with the exception of Holstein- Pinneberg. Thus were the Duchy of Schleswig and Holstein in personal union the county of Gerhard VI. under one rule.

Gerhard VI. fell in the Battle of the Hamme on August 4, 1404 while trying to subdue Dithmar. His sons were with the Danish king Erik VII to the Duchy of Schleswig in a succession dispute, the Emperor Sigismund the arbitration decision of June 28, 1424, ultimately could not finish: The Emperor had indeed decided that Schleswig, that no part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation was no hereditary fief was, but the inclusion failed to the Danish Kingdom.

Marriage and issue

1391 married Gerhard and Elisabeth of Brunswick, daughter of Magnus II of Brunswick -Lüneburg. The couple had the following children:

  • Henry IV (* 1397, † 1427), Duke of Schleswig and Count of Holstein
  • Ingeborg (* 1398, † 1465 ), Abbess of Vadstena
  • Heilwig (* 1400, † ca 1436 ), married to Dietrich von Oldenburg, mother of Christian I, King of Denmark.
  • Adolf VIII (* 1401, † 1459 ), Duke of Schleswig and Count of Holstein
  • Gerhard VII (* 1404, † 1433 ), Duke of Schleswig and Count of Holstein, ∞ 1432 Agnes Baden daughter of Bernhard I.


It shows the united coat of arms of Schleswig ( 2 lions) and Holstein ( serrated plate) inscription: S ( igillum ) * GHERARDI * DEI GRA * (TIA ) * ducis * IUCIE * comitis * HOLTZA ( TIE) * ET * STOR ( MARIE ) (Seal Gerhards grace of God Duke of Jutland Graf von Holstein and Stormarn )