Gerhard VII, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg

Gerhard VII (* 1404, † July 24, 1433 in Emmerich ) was co- Count of Holstein and Stormarn and opposed the Danish feudal law pretender of Schleswig. He was the youngest son of Gerhard VI. and his wife Elisabeth of Brunswick.


Together with his brothers Heinrich and Adolf, he fought on the side of the Hanseatic League against Denmark. As commander of the municipal fleet in 1427 and 1428 he took part in the attacks on the Hansa Flensburg and Copenhagen part.

Together with his brother Adolf, he took to his fallen before 1427 Flensburg brother Henry County Holstein and the deposit lordships in the duchy of Schleswig.

On June 2, 1432 he married Agnes von Baden, daughter of Bernhard I.. On January 15, 1433, the young woman on the stairs and crashed into labor put a. She brought verwunderlicherweise in winter two healthy 7 -month birth to children: Henry and Catherine. To stop the emerging rumors said Gerhard VII in the Cathedral of Schleswig, he was the father, which supported him his co-regent and brother Adolf VIII.

In February 1433 heavy lung patients traveled to the spa town of Baden- Baden, but already in Cologne, his condition deteriorated so much that we decided to turn back. Gerhard VII died on the return journey and was buried in Emmerich.

Adolf VIII refused his widow, the widow part because her dowry was never paid, and did not allow it because he still doubted the paternity of his brother. Her brother locked her in a bathing. The twins Henry and Catherine died very young under mysterious circumstances.