Gerli Padar

Gerli Padar ( born November 6, 1979 in Haljala ) is an Estonian singer. She represented Estonia in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2007, but already retired from the semi-finals.

Early years

Gerli Padar was born into a prestigious Estonian family of musicians. As early as 1994, she won the children's music program Laulukarussell the Estonian television. 1995 and 1997 she took part in the most important competition for young Estonian Kaks tactical ette. In 1998, she studied jazz music and singing in Gävle, Sweden.

Musical career

Gerli Padar is today one of the most famous singers of Estonia. Her repertoire ranges from jazz to metal and rock to funk. Among other things, in Cabaret and Chess addition, it occurs as a musical singer. In 2007 she was seen in Tantsud tähtedega, the Estonian edition of the dance show Let's Dance.

Euro Vision Song Contest

Gerli Padar 1999 made ​​her first appearance in the Estonian national preliminaries to the Euro Vision Song Contest, finishing with the song Aeg kord täidab soovid the last place. The Estonian preliminaries In 2002 she took third place with the song Need a Little Nothing.

In summer 2005, Gerli Padar founded the Estonian band Glive. In the same year her single Mental Abuse appeared. In 2006, she moderated by Marko Reikop the Estonian decider.

With the band Glive she won in 2007, the Estonian preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki. There she sang the song Partners in Crime by Berit and Hendrik Sal - Saller Veiber, but was eliminated in the semifinals, where she took a 22nd place.

Private life

Gerli Padar is the older sister of the Estonian rock singer Tanel Padar of Estonia won the Euro Vision Song Contest 2001. Gerli Padar has made ​​a 2006 divorced one daughter ( born 2004).