Gerloc ( Geirlaug, † after 969 ) was the daughter of Rollo, Jarl of the Normans and Count of Rouen, and Poppa of Bayeux, thus the sister of Count William Longsword of the family of Rolloniden. Her birth name was changed Gerloc at her baptism in the year 912 in Adele, in the literature it is therefore often addressed with the double name Gerloc -Adele. In 935, she married William Werghaupt († April 3 963) from the family of Ramnulfiden, since 934 Count of Poitou, 959/962 Duke of Aquitaine.

On October 14, 962 their King Lothar of France gave the right to dispose of their property in Poitou itself, which he ended a long dispute between her husband and the Robertinern. With this property, she founded the convent of Sainte- Trinité in Poitiers.

Gerloc -Adele and William had two children:

  • William Iron Arm (* 937, † 995/996 ), Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine
  • Adelheid ( probably * 950, † June 15, 1006 ); ∞ to summer 968 Hugh Capet († 996 ), 987 King of France ( Robertiner, master list of the Capetian )