Gerlos Pass, pass the new pass road, facing east


The Gerlos Pass (also written Gerlospass ), also called Pinzgauer height is the height of the old pass road connection from Salzburgian Oberpinzgau the Tyrolean Zillertal. The pass is at 1531 meters above sea level. A.. , The old pass road leading from the town of Wald im Pinzgau to Gerlos in the Zillertal. It is locked for teams and trucks and in winter not always consistently passable.

The new pass road connects the villages of Gerlos and Krimml and was built in the 1960s by the Grossglockner High Alpine Road PLC. The road is passable all year round without restrictions. The crossing of the pass is a toll road for motor vehicles, the toll booth is located in the vicinity of the pass. The new pass road is part of the Gerlos Road ( B165 ). The highest point of this new road on the hillside north of the ski runs along Gerlosplatte, reaches 1628 m above sea level. A. and is located on the Salzburg side just under 4 km east of the deepest dip. The data in the infobox refer to the new pass road.

(. Pass at 1531 m above A. ) The profiles for the old pass road are as follows:

  • Of forest from im Pinzgau: 646 height meters to 10 km course with an average gradient of 6.5 percent and a maximum gradient of 17 percent
  • Zell am Ziller from: 956 height meters to 25.5 km course with an average gradient of 3.7 percent and a maximum gradient of 15 percent

Both pass roads are frequently traveled by road cyclists and sporting ambitions Tour cyclists. In the old pass road, which is free of heavy traffic, stronger gradients than on the new passport road to be overcome, but are on the new passport road a total of more vertical meters to go. The Gerlos Pass, is traversed in the context of cycling, which for reasons of space usually pass the new road is traveled. More recently, the Gerlos Pass in 2008 ( Stage 1 ) and the Giro d' Italia in 2009 ( Stage 6 ) each crossing as part of the Germany tour of Wald im Pinzgau Coming.

South of the Gerlos Pass lies the memory Durlaßboden.


Gerlos Pass, West ramp, Gerlosbach

West ramp, overlooking the memory Durlaßboden, in the background Plattenkogel (left) and Steinkarkopf (right)

West ramp, high moor Gerlosplatte, in the background Rabenkopf and Achkogel

Gerlos Pass, toll station near the summit

Bend in the eastern ramp between Krimml and pass

Ostrampe, overlooking the Krimml Waterfalls

Gerlos Pass, view from the Krimml waterfalls from